EyeTech Mobile provides the opportunity for you to offer your patients the ancillary testing that is required to better manage glaucoma and certain retinopathies, such as macular degeneration and diabetic edema right in your office without the cost of owning and maintaining the expensive equipment associated with such services.

We become a part of your staff, working directly for you during the session. 

Our OCT, Retina Camera, Topographer and Visual Field Unit are set up in your office and our trained technicians will perform the testing ordered by you for each of the requested patients. 


Since we set up our services on a routine schedule, this will allow you to pre-schedule any necessary testing with your patients.

All data collected is available for your review anytime, anywhere, on your fully secure, cloud based portal. You can download data to your own Electronic Medical Records or you can print hard copies.



A HIPAA compliant and secure cloud-based data sharing portal allows you the flexibility to review your data anytime and anywhere. You will be provided with a unique username and password.

We have found that most test results are best reviewed on a computer screen as opposed to a hard copy print out. Not only is the resolution superior, but standard computer software allows the flexibility to manipulate most images to maximize your assessment.  Review your data at your leisure to develop a management plan for your patients, and then bring up individual test results when you meet with your patient.

Not only do you have access to the most current test results but also to all previous testing performed that is organized by date of service.  This will allow you to compare test results over time. 

**Our IT team can work with you to establish the procedures needed to upload to your EMR depending upon the level of your networks' security settings.


During the on-site clinics, our technicians become a part of your practice by conforming to your office dress codes.  They are working directly for you, performing the ancillary testing you order and will get the best results possible for any patient.  We promote your practice during the clinic, not ourselves. Our van is generic white in color so we aren't advertising our services while in your parking area. 

Since our technicians are exclusively focused and manufacturer trained on the equipment we provide, they bring a level of experience to the process that even larger practices who own their own equipment cannot offer.

Our team is trained to provide you reliable results. They also know that it is solely your responsibility to interpret the testing and explain the results to the patient. We take our time working with your patients and will explain as often as needed to each patient on how to perform their testing.

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EyeTechMobile services multiple states; including Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, and New Jersey