What do I tell my patients?

You are now providing advanced testing in your private practice to meet your patient's ocular health needs. Just like hospitals bring in mobile CAT scan units, your practice is now bringing in an OCT, Retina Imaging System, Pachymeter, and (if you don’t already have one) a Visual Feld Unit.

For example: “Mrs. Jones, Dr Smith has determined a need for additional testing to assure your diabetes is stable and doesn’t require additional treatment at this time. We now provide that testing here in our practice and the next available time slot is 10:00am here in three weeks on the 25th. Can we schedule you for that?”


How much space does this take up?

Our footprint is relatively small – taking up the space of one adjustable instrument table (two if we are doing Visual Fields). We can set up in an exam room,  retesting area, treatment rooms or other small office. Virtually anywhere that will allow us to perform the testing in a private, HIPAA secure area.

Generally the area should be dimly-lit and away from uncovered windows, and located near a functional power outlet. Our team will bring a powered, adjustable-height table, but you will need to provide a chair for your patients to sit in during testing.


How many hours will the session last?

We schedule four hour sessions in either a morning or afternoon format.


Who schedules patients?

Your office does. Your staff will schedule your patients into the next clinic as you determine the need. Just like they would for any other follow-up encounter.

You will be provided a clinic sign up on which you will designate the various testing to be performed by our technicians on each patient.

How often will clinics be available?

We will schedule services to meet your utilization demand. We have some practices that only require one clinic quarterly and other practices that we service twice a month.

We suggest you look at your current patient base and determine how many each week require or would
benefit with OCT, Retina Imaging and the other ancillary testing services we provide. Very generally, this could include any patient with identified or suspected diabetic eye disease, macular degeneration or other retinopathies where OCT and/or imaging will allow you to better manage the patient in your private practice. Along with visual fields, quantitative optic nerve head analysis with objective C/D ratios and nerve fiber layer analysis with particular attention to the ganglion cell complex is essential to properly manage glaucoma patients today.


What staff do I need to provide?

Your regular front desk reception staff to greet patients as they arrive and complete any of your internal office co-pays, paperwork or other routines. Someone to escort patients to the exam area when ready and perform whatever post testing procedures or additional scheduling usually occurs when patients leave your practice.


Our staff will perform the actual testing under you or your professional staff’s direction and supervision. You or any of your professional staff who want or need to be present during the testing are certainly more than welcome to do so.

How many patients can be evaluated per session?

Our goal is to assure your patients receive the thorough quality care they need without feeling they are being rushed, while maximizing the time we are in your private practice. In order to do so, we expect to perform a full battery of OCT and Retina Imaging testing on 4 patients per hour – scheduling them every 15 minutes. If patients only require one test – such as photos – less time can be scheduled. If you want us to perform visual fields we would suggest scheduling an additional 10-15 minutes per patient.

How soon will results be available?

Generally results are posted to your secure data sharing account within 2 business days of the clinic.

How will I access results?

Your practice will be set up with a secure and HIPAA complaint account. You will be provided a user name and password to access your patient’s data. This includes all current testing results and all previous testing listed by the date of service we’ve provided for each of the patients in your practice.

Can this data be added to my in office Electronic Medical Records (EMR)?

Yes. Assuming your EMR allows you to add uploads or data from outside sources, we can provide you with the mechanism to do so.

I may not be familiar with using these tests to analyze certain diagnosis. Where do I find assistance in interpreting results?

While our technicians cannot and will not offer interpretation of testing, there are multiple sources available. We suggest contacting your local/state optometric associations or the various professional publications for the latest resources.

Is the on-site technician insured in case of accidental damage to property or patient injury during testing?

We carry all applicable liability and workman’s compensation policies for each of our employees and services.

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